PhD Dissertation September 25, 2009

I presented my thesis on September 25, 2009. You can download the entire thesis in pdf format here, if you want (or click the book image if it feels better to do it that way). If you want a copy of the printed work, drop me an email.
Pictures taken by Shiva Samieinia, Christer Kiselman, and Martin Wehlou of the presentation, the reception, and the evening party. If you have any photos to contribute, please mail them to Hania.
The actual slides I used during the presentation are here as a pdf file.
Piotr Perzanowski recorded the presentation on video, but sadly the battery gave up prematurely (my fault, says Martin, for not taking the advanced age of the battery into consideration and bringing the power supply). The entire presentation that I gave is intact, but the opponent's discussion is fragmentary, and the other members' questions and remarks are almost entirely absent. But it's enjoyable, anyway. At least I think so. The movie is almost 42 minutes long.
480x360, 226 Mb
The higher resolution and larger size version of the same movie. You can watch either movie streamed or you can rightclick and download it first. Movies are in H.264 format, mono sound.
640x480, 299 Mb