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An IP Monitoring Utility

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The IpMona utility keeps checking the set of IP numbers on the machine, and if there's any change, it sends an email to one or more people with the list of the current IP numbers. Its main use is in gateway machines you need to find while your ISP keeps playing games with DHCP to keep you from finding it.

The utility is extremely quick and dirty; I wrote it in a few hours. The best parts aren't even mine, they're from (see credits in the source files).

I wanted to do this utility as an NT service, but MFC (CSocket) isn't supported, or at least it's very hairy to get it supported, in a service. So that will be an excercise for another day.

Download the release executable or the whole source archive.

To use it, first start the program, go to File | Options and enter the requested info, like:

IpMona update
SMTP server:

Once that info's been entered, quit the app and start it again. Now one email should go out right away, then another one every time any change is detected in the IP numbers of the machine it's running on.

Comment on this article